I was in NLC12 last week

I was in NLC12 (National Linux Compettition) last week, It's a round-2 compettition that the organizer (OSSL NECTEC - Open Source Software Lab) brings me into the Linux minicamp. There are around 100 - 120 persons which almost fill up the auditorium room of Sirindhorn Science Home as it's a good place for the camp as I remember for a few years.

In this camp, I played a role of the committee with the others that have awarded in the last final compettition and also the persons whose invited by NECTEC. We have added the extra examinations which some of them have been chosen for this round compettion. (I didn't talk about the level of exams as it's from a bitter taste of the admin's life as they solve those problems in real life, therefore, you could imagine of it :P).

In this camp, I feel like to join the family as it's happy and a warm welcome. I could remember the most of the committees and for the participants which many of them have joined the camp for many years, otherwise are the new comers.

I have got more experience as I could setup the clonezilla for the multicast clone with the Debian based system from scratch (without the DRBL setup helper scripts). We (me, Phondanai, Suriya) use this system to clone the system image to the 33 laptops which we unicast clone for 29 laptops as we don't know how to clone with multicast yet, until the 4am of that night, the last 4 laptops are cloned by multicast technique. We have to review the clonezilla scripts and consult the google then found that the clonezilla using the "UDPCast" for send and receive the multicast data. Fortunately, the lab network switch supports the multicast packet and it's work like a charm, we finish cloning the 4 laptops with the times that we spent for only 1 laptops. Many thanks to the good project "CloneZilla".

I love Open Source Software.
Happy Hacking.