ipset: dynamic load modules

I have involved in ipset as a user and a local addon developer (RahuNAS). A few years past, I should rebuild the ipset whenever the RahuNAS code changes. Therefore, I think of the dynamic modules loading as it has implemented in iptables which I could install the addon modules (eg, xtables-addons) to the system without rebuild the iptables.

Thus, I have prepared the patch to the ipset 6.11 (master branch) to delivers this feature, the patch also sent to the upstream for review.

As per this patch, I could config to build with dynamic load modules by passing option --enable-settype-modules

configure --prefix=/usr --enable-settype-modules ... 

On build time, the Makefile will consults with mconfig and Mbuild files which could be extended with mconfig.* and Mbuild.* also.

Finally, I have the ipset with dynamic modules loading capable.

Happy hacking.