I'm now a Debian Maintainer

For a few years that I have involved in Debian as a new maintainer. I have maintained some packages, "xiterm+thai", "flvmeta" and also the new ITP "ipset", which I have learned to package as well.

Many comments from several Debian Developers, especially Theppitak Karoonboonyanan and also Paul Wise, which I must say that both are the great teachers. They have pointed me to many good resouces for startup and also adviced me every mistakes I have made. They have shown that the "Debian Developers" is a kind of expertise and It's not easy if you do not try harder.

I know Theppitak as he is my idol and he who is the Debian guy that has introduced me to Debian as well. The first Debian distribution that I installed on the first my Debian computer (it's not my property, it's the company property that I worked with at that time) was "sid" aka. "unstable" and It's the main distribution that I always use for my main working laptop. IMHO, I never get back to any Linux distributions since I have found Debian.

I know Paul as he is a first Debian Developer I have met (at that time Theppitak was being in the NM process).
He is a cool guy. He also the first Debian Developer that signed my GPG key. He many times sponsored my packages and everytime for good practices.

However, the efforts you have get from the process are much more than you think as you could evaluate your self which you have more skills to handle with many problems than ever, you could package in the correct direction with a good quality. Obviously, you have learned to communicate with the communities which is the main reason that could bring you to be a good developer in the future.

Therefore, I have read the Debian Maintainer wiki page and applied the DM application (http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2012/01/msg00092.html) and thanks to both DDs that I mention above for their advocations.

Last, I have finished the last step 4 for account creation and my GPG key has been accepted to the active Debian Maintainer keyring (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=657331).

Finally, I'm now a Debian Maintainer.